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Veepee Group considers Environment, Health and Safety as a Corporate Social Responsibility. Optimization of safety and suppression of negative environmental consequences are the integral feature of the company’s planning and long term strategy. Veepee’s policy in these matters recognizes the criteria defined by the government for safety and the environment. Veepee Group will even go beyond these criteria if this is technically and economically feasible. 
Keeping in view the concern for environmental protection, Veepee has established a full-fledged Re-Cycling Plant to re-cycle waste and scrap generated within the factory.

It is worthwhile to mention that Veepee was first to establish manufacturing facilities at Ota in Ogun State in the seventies before the others followed. Ota eventually has developed into an Industrial Township. Veepee has established full-fledge Fire Safety station and positions a Fire engine at each of its facility. These Fire stations along with the Fire Safety personal have saved many lives and properties in and around Sango Ota. 

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