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VEEVEE is a premium manufacturer of corrugated cartons in West Africa established in 2003 and is located in Sango Ota, Ogun state. We manufacture various types of corrugated cartons for various fields depending on the customers' requirements. VEEVEE currently has the capacity to produce 75,000 tonnes of corrugated board & boxes per annum. VEEVEE's raw material stockyard can store more than 15,000 tonnes of raw material paper of various grades and basis weights. These papers are sourced from the finest paper mills in Europe and the Americas, resulting in consistent packaging quality for our esteemed customers. The company has a modern state of the art manufacturing facility with latest computer controlled high speed machinery from Martin, Bobbst and TCY of Taiwan. The manufacturing plant is located on a purpose built 300,000 sq.ft factory and an additional 100,000 sq.ft of warehouse for raw material storage.

Paper Product Manufacturing

Whether it's just plain sheets of corrugated board or complex carton and fitting packs, we have the capabilities and experience to do the job right.
    • Exact sizes made to order
    • All styles produced in-house
    • Plain or 1/2/3/4/5 solid color print or 4 color process print
    • Stitched, glued or self locking
    • Extensive die-cutting capabilities
    • Hand holes & locking tabs
    • Dividers and pads
    • Vast range of board grades
    • Single face kraft and kraft paper


    Our cartons comes in a huge range of styles and board grades. We offer to help customer to refine the requirements. as per the measurements required as internal dimensions in the following order;
    Length (L) x Breadth (B) x Height (H)
    Length (L) = the longer dimension at the opening
    Breadth (B) = the shorter dimension at the opening
    Height (H) = the dimension from the top of the opening to the base


Single Wall Flute
Board made from one layer of fluting sandwiched between two liners. There are many different flutes depending on customres requirement.
  • E Flute A fine flute used for corrugated 'cartons'. It gives excellent crush resistance and compression strength better than solid fibreboard.
  • B Flute By far the most widely specified flute profile thanks to its superb robustness (difficult to crush), good compression strength and compactness which minimises storage space.
  • C Flute A larger flute than "B", offering greater compression strength, but it may be crushed more easily. It also takes up more storage space than "B" flute.

Double Wall Flute
Board made from two layers of fluting sandwiched between three liners. Different flutes may be combined in this board. Used when stronger boxes and extra padding are needed. Excellent for stacking heavy items.
  • B+C A combination of two flute sizes, usually "B" and "C", specified when compression strength is more important than storage space and robustness.
  • B+E or C+E

Carton Styles

Standard Carton Style Guide - RSC (Regular slotted cartons)
The range of carton style is vast allowing you to have a carton produced that is fit for any purpose. Examples of the most common here, however there are a greater range of options.
Slotted-type boxes
Consist of basically one piece with a glued, stitched or taped manufacturers joint and top and bottom flaps. They are shipped flat, ready to use and require closing using the flaps provided.


Boxes consist of more than one piece and are characterised by a lid and/or bottom telescoping over the body of the box.

Folder-type boxes and trays

Usually consist of only one piece of board, generally known as Die Cut Cases. The bottom of the box is hinged to form two or all side walls and the cover. Locking tabs, handles, display panels etc., can be incorporated in some designs.

Expertise and Experience

VEEVEE works very closely with its customers to solve packaging problems and provide suitable solutions thanks to the presence of a team of technical experts and a highly motivated workforce.
The company has an in-house product development department which makes use of KASEMAKE-CAD and latest software for graphics design.
Our investment in state of art machinery enable us to print anything from basic single color logos to full picture quality images on your carton.

Testing and Quality

  • The plant's testing facility includes:
  • Box Compression testing machines.
  • Edge crush testing machine.
  • Burst Strength testing machine.
  • Paper testing for moisture, tear, puncture etc.
Stringent Quality standards are met in all stages of production, from raw material to printing to the final product to ensure customer satisfaction.